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Our Mission

Chartered in 1998, the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy is a private, non-profit land trust working primarily in Madison and Greene counties in central Virginia. Our mission is to conserve, through voluntary land protection, the agricultural, scenic, natural, historic and recreational resources that define the rural character of our communities.

What We Do

Land stewardship can take many forms -
* Farmland and open space protection
* Conservation site planning assistance
* Natural, historic and recreational 
                  resource inventories
* Educational programs on land 
Land stewardship and a respect for private property rights are deeply rooted traditions of the people of the Blue Ridge Foothills. Consistent with these traditions, the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy works directly with landowners to identify voluntary land protection options that meet each landowner's financial needs and also ensure that future generations can enjoy the special qualities of their land.
Land Stewardship

Land protection tools include -
* Donation of conservation easements
* Bequests of land
* Life Estate
* Purchase of Development 
               Rights/Agricultural or 
                         Riparian Easements
* Bargain Sale
* Limited Development
* Agricultural and Forestal Districts

How You Can Help

We welcome the support of residents, businesses, community organizations, and visitors to our counties.  And we seek innovative partnerships to accomplish our mission of saving and protecting land in the Blue Ridge region.

You  CAN  make a difference.  Your support of the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy will help conserve the scenic beauty, farmlands, historic resources, and rural character of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

You can join us at any of several levels - 

Friend -
Steward - 
Protector -
Guardian -
$  30  - $ 99
$100 - $499
$500 - $999
$1,000 and up
Make your donation payable to Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy. Please include your address, telephone number and  e-mail, if appropriate. 

Also please let us know if you want to volunteer.  If you need more information about your options for protecting your land click here or e-mail us

Our address is -

Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy
Post Office Box 116 
Hood, Virginia 22723


And Thanks!
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