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An Open Letter to Virginia's Landowners

Your land is one of the most important and valuable possessions you own. 

Whether it has been in your family for generations or you have only recently acquired it,  the decisions you make regarding its current and future use will have long term consequences for both your family and your community.

If you are looking  for ways to protect the land you love, the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy can help. We are a private, non-profit land trust serving Greene and Madison Counties. 

Our mission is to help landowners conserve, through voluntary land protection measures, the agricultural, scenic, natural, historic and recreational resources that define the rural character of our area. 

How can land conservation benefit you and your family?  Well, for one thing, it can provide a priceless gift to future generations while fully supporting continuing farm and family use.

It may also qualify you for substantial Federal and State income and estate tax benefits, the latter making it possible for your heirs to hold on to the family land. 

Your initiative could also encourage your neighbors to conserve their property, so as to sustain the existing rural and scenic character of your surroundings.

There are several approaches to consider.  For a discussion of various Conservation Options please Click Here.    And we  encourage you to Click Here for our Frequently Asked Questions page for more about land trusts and conservation easements, the most common means of voluntary land protection.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of land conservation, a member of The Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy would be happy to meet with you and talk about the options for conserving your land. You may also want to invite some of your neighboring landowners who might be interested in joining together to protect the lands that make up your community.  There is no obligation, just a friendly conversation with a local citizen who is working with others to preserve the rural character of our area and who wants to share with you the benefits of including your land in this effort. 

One last thought - Even if you're not putting any land into conservancy but believe in what we're doing, please consider becoming a member and  supporting our work. 

To learn more about how you can help, Click Here or e-mail us


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