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   E x p a n d e d   V i d e o   C a p a c i t y 

"The TV business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs." - Hunter S. Thompson

And then there's the bad part . . .

As a nonprofit interested in developing high-quality media for other nonprofits, C-NPRunderstands what it takes to make TV that looks like real TV.  Part of that requires some good "techno-stuff" to work with.  To that end, C-NPR recently completed a far-reaching media agreement with Virginia's Soho Center - a 27 year old non-profit that focuses on children's literacy, quality child care, and school success.   C-NPR will provide extended media services to the Soho Center's national  child care-related efforts - including turn-key creative and support services for the Soho Center's web activities and their newly-expanded in-house video facility.  As part of this agreement, C-NPR will enhance and have full access to the facility to develop projects for other non-profits.

The combined Soho Center/C-NPR facility includes two AVID/BetaCam/DVCPro digital non-linear broadcast-quality video editing systems.  Both include full AVR77 resolution, real-time AVID effects, high-end BorisFX,CineLook,Berserk, and Light Factory effects packages, and ICE's remarkable eight-processor BlueICE/AVIDfx hardware/software package for extraordinary editing and real-time 3D effects capabilities.  The AVID's front-end benefits from a 400mHz hardware accelerator from Interex/XLR8

We can even edit digital audio on  DigiDesign'sProTools Audio Suite - all in the same comfy room. There are also nice touches like twin 21" editing monitors, a huge high-resolution 38" flat-screen component-input preview/playback monitor, premium Monster Cable audio and video lines, Dolby Surround playback, high-end Acoustic Research speakers on premium Pivotelli mounts, and comfy leather seating. 

The gourmet kitchen at Willowledge is ready to serve up snacks and meals as needed.  And then, of course, there's always the pool  .  .  . 

Some call it the nicest small editing facility they have ever used. 

We (of course) agree! 


S o h o    C e n t e r  /  C - N P R    E d i t    S u i t e  -   Client side with leather couch, 38" flat-screen component monitor,and 3 of the room's 5 premium Acoustic Research AR-15 Hi-Rez main/surround speakers. (For completetechnical info - and a look at the Editor's Side of the room, Click Here)

   W h a t   A b o u t   T h e  We b

C-NPR develops its various web projects on Hewlett-Packard VECTRAPCs, and
we utiilize some of the very latest graphics software available.  More important 
than the quality of the equipment, however, is that C-NPR brings over two decades 
of direct experience in making media that works.

Recent examples of our media work include our design, development,
and maintenance of the Soho Center's web site and our writing 
and production of  the Soho Center's well-reviewed, contemporary
25-minute video The Business of Family Child Care.

For more information and a look at some of the reviews
of the video we produced for the Soho Center - click Here.

Or to go to the Soho Center's web site,click Here.
(Note:  the Soho Center site will open in a new window.)

Remember, if you are interested in high-quality media 
for your organization, give us a call or e-mail us

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