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    The Center for Non-Profit Resources draws on 
    an experienced collection of multi-award-winning 
    communications professionals who have joined together to 
    support non-profits across the nation in their 
    media and communications needs.

    The Center for Non-Profit Resources provides complete creative and production services for television commercials, public service announcements (PSAs) and long-form videos; web page development; radio commercials; satellite up-links, print media and graphic design; public relations; database operations; and 800-number creation and fulfillment - all at prices that make sense to savvy non-profits.
    Principals in C-NPR have over two decades of direct experience creating successful, award-winning, on-time and on-budget print and video media (from assessment and concept to final production) for some of America's largest and most demanding corporations and non-profits.
    Now C-NPR gives you unprecedented access to this media experience at prices that make sense to non-profits wishing to create high-end media to support their organizational goals.

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