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The Center for Non-Profit Resources develops highly-produced video & print to meet organizational needs - from initial concept through scripting, production, final editing, and distribution - including direct videocassette mailing, catalog placement, and/or satellite uplink and tracking of spots and PSAs. 

Many organizations (non-profits and for-profits alike) make the mistake of thinking that simply "making a video" is the same as "using the power of video."  The fact is that in order to make use of video's credibility, your project has to look like "real television" - that means the pacing, music use, editing, language use, numerous visuals, etc. that the public watches every day. 

Making an effective "real" video isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to be too expensive. And remember, a cheap video that doesn't work can be one of biggest wastes of money and time (to say nothing of the damage it can do to an organization's image) we can imagine. Still, done right, video can be incredibly effective. And getting it right is where C-NPR can help. 

For 25 years, C-NPR's principals have written and produced successful, award-winning media for many of the Fortune 50.   As a non-profit, C-NPR brings together many of these same individuals to help non-profits develop sophisticated, effective, and contemporary media.

      Cl i c k  B u t t o n ! 
      C-NPR on location shooting "The Business of Family Child Care" - Our most recent project for the Soho Center with Redleaf Press featuring nationally recognized tax and business expert, Tom Copeland 

      Cl i c k  B u t t o n ! 
      C-NPR principals shooting a video to convince employees of Union Carbide's Chemical & Plastics group to choose a profit sharing plan in lieu of a guaranteed wage increase. 

      Cl i c k  B u t t o n ! 
      C-NPR principals shooting "Listen to Your Heart" - Our twoTelly-Award-winningnational PSAs for the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

      Cl i c k  B u t t o n
      C-NPR principals shooting "Inside HBO" for Home Box Office. This fast-moving 30-minute International Film & Television Association (IFTA) GOLD Award-winning project was voted best corporate video of the year.

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Up-coming scenes from "Inside HBO" (IFTA Gold winner), "Makers of the Platinum Disk." (IFTA Silver winner), our two Telly-awarding spots for CWLA, and much, much more.   Let us know what you think.  More to the point, call us if your organization is considering high-end media.   We can help.

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