On Location!
C-NPR on location shooting
"The Business of Family Child Care"
for the Soho Center.

The "kids/car insurance" scene


    Preparing a scene with Tom Copeland

    C-NPR's Creative Director with Soho Center's Jeanna Beker 
    and DP Mark Jenkins setting up supermarket "Food Buying" scene

    Preparing a "provider" scene

    Another "provider" scene. What it takes to make 
    it "look like we just shot in their kitchen  .  . "
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Up-coming location scenes from "Inside HBO" (IFTA Gold winner), 
"Makers of the Platinum Disk." (IFTA Silver winner), our two 
Telly-awarding spots for CWLA, and much, much more.   

Let us know what you think.   More to the point, call us if your organization 
is considering high-end media.   We can help. 

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